With the complexity of economic and customer demand, industry applies sophisticated production technique including vacuum technology, for example Jewelry, Ceramic, Freeze Dried Good or even in Medical Industry.

MECHANIKA Co., Ltd. was established to serve on air compressor and vacuum system for OEM, Medical Industry, Laboratory and General User. We import and distribute vacuum pump, air compressor, air motor, air blower and industrial pump. We select only the best brand in the world, for example GAST, JUN-AIR, HO HSING, MEDIAIR, OP, PHIL, PUMA, SANCO, SPARMAX, SWAN, TAIYO, WOOSUNG. Our engineers will advice customers on model selection, application matching; while our technicians will service with spare parts ready.

MECHANIKA Co., Ltd. gains well recognition among industries so we expand into the specific product for particular application, such as Fish Farm, Waste Water Treatment, Water Supply in High Rise Building. MECHANIKA Co., Ltd. imports, distributes and services solely in Thailand for variety products; such as air pump, pressure vessel and gear pump; under brands those are well known in the market, for example HIBLOW, ZILMET, BAUMAN and CUCCHI.

MECHANIKA Co., Ltd. is growing together with the business and industry growth. We commit to the best in all aspect as we believe good machine is the good basic for business.