Processes using ring blowers to wastewater treatment

          Ring blowers, also known as regenerative blowers or side channel blowers, are commonly used in wastewater treatment processes. They play a vital role in various stages of wastewater treatment, such as aeration, agitation, and air scouring. Here’s how ring blowers are used in wastewater treatment:

4 Processes using ring blowers to wastewater treatment

HEAD - 4 Processes using ring blowers TO WASTEWATER TREATMENT

Aeration : Aeration is a critical process in wastewater treatment that involves the introduction of oxygen into the wastewater. Ring blowers supply large volumes of air to facilitate the growth of aerobic bacteria that help break down organic matter in the wastewater. The blowers deliver a continuous stream of air to the aeration tanks, which ensures the efficient oxygen transfer required for the biological treatment of wastewater.

Agitation : In certain treatment processes, such as mixing or equalization tanks, ring blowers are used to provide agitation. The blowers create a flow of air that promotes mixing, preventing the settling of solids and maintaining a homogeneous mixture. This ensures that the treatment chemicals or biological agents are evenly distributed throughout the tank, enhancing the efficiency of the treatment process.

Air scouring : In wastewater treatment plants that employ biological filters or activated carbon beds, ring blowers are used for air scouring. Air scouring involves the injection of air into the filter media or carbon bed to dislodge accumulated solids and maintain their porosity. The ring blowers provide the necessary airflow to agitate the filter media, removing debris and improving the filtration capacity of the system.

Vacuum generation : In certain wastewater treatment applications, ring blowers are used to generate a vacuum. For example, in sludge dewatering processes, where excess water is removed from sludge, ring blowers create a vacuum to assist in the dewatering process. The blowers create negative pressure, which helps in the removal of water from the sludge, resulting in a more concentrated and manageable sludge cake.

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4 Processes using ring blowers to wastewater treatment

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