Air Compressor JUN-AIR 3-4 Series

Air compressor JUN-AIR 3 Series .Imported from America. Is an oil pump of Oil-lubricated with voltage from 100 – 230 V, motor of 0.18 HP Air compressor has an internally coated to resist corrosion.Working at a quiet sound of only 35 dB. Suitable for use in laboratories and industrial applications.There are 2 models to choose from,3-4 and 3 motor.


Air Compressor JUN-AIR 3-4 Series

The “original” quiet compressor. Our JUN-AIR oil-lubricated compressors are relied on worldwide, and many units are still in operation after 25 years – a testament to the quality and reliability of JUN-AIR compressors. Contrary to traditional compressors our JUN-AIR compressor, are not supplied with piston rings. Instead the tolerance between the piston and the cylinder has been reduced, minimizing the heat development and the energy loss.

Seven compressor motors from 350W to 2000W are offered in combination with five different receiver sizes from 4L to 150L to create a wide range of complete compressor offerings. Our standard receivers are internally coated to resist corrosion. The first number in the description represents the compressor motor size, while the second represents the receiver size in Liters (if a receiver is used).


  • Ultra-quiet
  • Long-life
  • Easy to operate, minimum maintenance
  • Handy and easily portable
  • Compact and rugge
  • Anti-corrosion treated valve plate
  • Best-in-class, long-life synthetic oil


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