Chemical Pump LITTLE GIANT TE-7-MD-HC Series

Chemical Pump LITTLE GIANT TE-7-MD-HC series features leakproof, seal-less magnetic drives and are designed for in-line, non submersible use. Volute, magnet housing and impeller are glass-filled .polypropylene for excellent chemical resistance. Ceramic shaft and thrust washers are 99.5% pure alumina for excellent wear and trouble-free service. Pumping heads are easily rotated, cleaned or serviced with no special tools required. Spindle shaft is supported at both ends to prevent impeller damage during start-up and stop of pump.


Chemical Pump LITTLE GIANT TE-7-MD-HC Series


3/4 hp TEFC PSC motor Glass-filled polyphenylene sulfide volute and backplate 1.1 specific gravity Fluoroelastomer (FKM) O-ring Ceramic thrust washers and shaft cCSAus listed (587010 and 587040)



 Watts Cord  List/Cert RPM Capacity Shut Off  Liquid Temperature Discharge Intake Impeller  Electrical Discharge Intake Impeller  Electrical
587600 230 50/60 5.2 700 Not included UR/C-CSA 2850/3450 159 LPM 12.3 m 93.3°C 1″ MNPT (25.4 mm) 1-1/2″ FNPT (38 mm) Carbon-filled Kynar® (PVDF) w/ Chemloy bushing 230V 50/60Hz 230/460V 50/60Hz (3 phase)
587603 230/460 50/61 3.0/1.5 700/680 Not included UR


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