Diffusion Vacuum Pumps for High Vacuum Applications BUSCH RANGU DF 1000 – 2800 A

Rangu are the new diffusion vacuum pumps for high-vacuum applications from Busch. The three sizes of Rangu are ideal for applications when high-vacuum up to <10-8 hPa (mbar) and the highest pumping speeds and gas flow rates are required.


Diffusion Vacuum Pumps for High Vacuum Applications BUSCH RANGU DF 1000 – 2800 A


Robust and proven

Rangu diffusion vacuum pumps work according to the proven vapour steam principle and are characterized by their outstanding reliability. Even under the most demanding operating conditions that would destroy other vacuum pumps, the Rangu diffusion vacuum pumps are operationally reliable, with consistently high performance and a long life span.


Operationally reliable and cost-effective

With Rangu diffusion vacuum pumps, almost all reactive gases and vapours can be pumped. They function with a high degree of efficiency and require very little maintenance. Rangu diffusion vacuum pumps can be operated with an inlet pressure from 10-3 mbar. To generate the fore-vacuum, we recommend a vacuum system consisting of a proven R 5 rotary vane vacuum pump or a COBRA dry-running screw vacuum pump, each with a vacuum pump as a booster. Busch offers an extensive range of vacuum systems that offer excellent adjustment possibilities for generating the fore-vacuum for Rangu diffusion vacuum pumps.



Rangu diffusion vacuum pumps are ideally suited for all industrial high-vacuum applications, such as: • Glass coating units • Vacuum furnaces • Metal coatings • Physical vapour deposition (PVD) • Surface treatments • Thin film coating


Technical Specifications

The basic component of Rangu diffusion vacuum pumps is a cylindrical pump unit with a heatable bottom. Oil is used as the pump fluid and is heated up. The vapour from this oil rises into the nozzle system and is then passed through several vapour steam stages and out of this system under high pressure. The molecules in the process gas are caught by these vapour steams and carried downwards, towards the outlet of the backing pump. The oil vapour condenses on the inner surface of the water-cooled pump unit and is directed back to the bottom. With their multi-stage, innovative nozzle concept, Rangu diffusion vacuum pumps offer an extremely high and stable pumping speed.


Technical data Rangu DF 1000 A Rangu DF 1700 A Rangu DF 2800 A
Nominal pumping speed for N2 l/s 10000 17300 28000
Recommended size of forepump m³/h 170 510 510
Ultimate pressure* hPa (mbar) < 7·10⁻⁸ < 7·10⁻⁸ < 7·10⁻⁸
Max. foreline pressure for N2 hPa (mbar) 0.85 0.65 0.71
Operating power kW 12 24 24
Cooling water consumption l/h 300 800 800
Required cooling water temperature °C 15 – 26 15 – 26 15 – 26
Warm up time minutes 45 60 60
Fluid Charge l 4.7 11.3 11.3
Weight approx. kg 264 612 680
Dimensions (W x H x Ø) mm 1030 x 1219 x 630 1173 x 1740 x 800 1673 x 1832 x 1000
Connection flange inlet/exhaust side  DN 630 ISO-K / DN 160 ISO-K DN 800 ISO-K / DN 200 ISO-K DN 1000 ISO-K / DN 200 ISO-K
*with recommended forepump    


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