Hand Winch MAXPULL MR Series

Hand Winch MAXPULL MR Series Winch High quality products Imported from Japan (Made in Japan) is a sling winch designed to be able to rotate 360 degree and can be rotated as a clutch. Making it able to support installation in narrow spaces such as wall mounting And installed on the floor. Maxpull MR Series is available in a total of 6 models that can lift items with a maximum weight of 100 – 3000 kg.


Hand Winch MAXPULL MR Series


  • Use radial bearing rollers in all parts that can be rotated
  • Use safety with cover gear case. (Cannot touch the gear directly)
  • Using C beams or strengthening materials in various positions To increase strength
  • Wire rope fastening with a double-layer secure installation structure
  • Can rotate both 360 degree and clutch rotation Supports installation in tight spaces


Model Capacity Drum Capacity Handle Length(Effective Max.) Winding Layer Number of Wire Rope
MAXPULL MR-1 100 kg 5 mm x 35 m(6 Layers Winding) 250 mm 1st Layer: 143N (14.6 kgf)
3rd Layer: 187N (19.0 kgf)
4th Layer: 208N (21.2 kgf)
MAXPULL MR-3 300 kg 6 mm x 32 m(6 Layers Winding) 250 mm 1st Layer: 76N (7.7 kgf)
3rd Layer: 103N (10.5 kgf)
5th Layer: 131N (13.3 kgf)
MAXPULL MR-5 500 kg 6 mm x 40 m(6 Layers Winding) 250 mm 1st Layer: 109N (11.1 kgf)
3rd Layer: 142N (14.4 kgf)
5th Layer: 174N (17.7 kgf)
MAXPULL MR-10 1,000 kg 8 mm x 35 m(5 Layers Winding) 300 mm 1st Layer: 133N (13.5 kgf)
2nd Layer: 157N (16.0 kgf)
3rd Layer: 182N (18.5 kgf)
MAXPULL MR-20 2,000 kg 9 mm x 38 m(5 Layers Winding) 370 mm 1st Layer: 157N (16.0 kgf)
2nd Layer: 186N (18.9 kgf)
3rd Layer: 214N (21.8 kgf)
MAXPULL MR-30 3,000 kg 12 mm x 35 m(4 Layers Winding) 370 mm 1st Layer: 137N (13.9 kgf)
2nd Layer: 169N (17.2 kgf)
3rd Layer: 201N (20.5 kgf)


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