PUMP KENFLO XA 80/32 Series


PUMP KENFLO XA 80/32 Series

Product features
1.Meet the high standard requirements: conform to the international standard BS EN733 and ISO9908 standard, so it has interchangeability with other products that meet the requirements of this standard.
2.High efficient form of volute;
3.The rear open type design can replace the rotor parts without removing the pipeline.
4.Ensure high reliability in high speed and heavy load operation.
5.Hydraulic balance design and impeller dynamic and static balance are combined to further improve the smoothness of pump operation.
6.Good inhalation;
7.Provide a variety of operating conditions of the adjustment space;
8.High degree of generalization;
9.Bearing lubrication can be made by grease lubrication and oil lubrication in two ways.

Technical parameter
Pump caliber:inhalation 50~300mm,discharge 32~250mm
Medium temperature:-10℃~+104℃

Application area
Water is used to transport water and physical and chemical properties similar to water, mainly used in water plant or water supply company; circulation and cooling system in industrial process system, boiler water supply, industrial water supply and drainage, irrigation and drainage, air conditioning system, urban water supply and drainage system, fire control system, etc.


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