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          Cast iron is a group of iron carbon alloys with a carbon content exceeding 2%. It is made by melting steel and mixing it with a small amount of carbon and other elements. For example, silicon, manganese, sulfur, and phosphorus are added to enhance performance. Cast iron is known for its high strength and durability. This includes insulation capabilities, making it an ideal choice for cooking equipment, engine blocks, pipelines, and other applications. The types of cast iron that require strength and heat resistance include gray cast iron, white iron, ductile iron, low-carbon steel, and dense graphite steel. Each type has its own unique functions and uses.

Cast iron type

Grey cast iron: A widely used type of cast iron with a graphite plate in the metal matrix. Grey cast iron is usually used to manufacture various structures. Buildings, bridges, railways, and other machinery are very durable and priced naturally. Make it a popular building material with widespread use and advantages.

White cast iron: This type of cast iron does not contain graphite and carbides in the metal matrix, and is wear-resistant. Suitable for the manufacturing or high-strength maintenance of machinery, tools, and other equipment.

Low carbon steel: Heat treated cast iron with low carbon content, making it soft and corrosion-resistant. Suitable for environments that require durability, such as pipelines and hand tools

Squeezed graphite steel: A new type of cast iron similar to ductile iron that uses the latest technology to produce high-quality steel. By reducing raw material consumption and shortening production time, dense graphite steel has the characteristic of high strength. It has good corrosion resistance and rust resistance, suitable for key industries such as aircraft and vehicles. High strength railway and industrial machinery

           Each type of cast iron has unique characteristics and is suitable for different applications. This mainly depends on strength. Wear resistance, toughness, and other mechanical properties. Cast iron is also used as an important material for manufacturing industrial products. For example, the KIRA NP series submersible pump is made of high-quality cast iron and coated with epoxy resin. This makes our pumps have good corrosion resistance and are very suitable for pumping wastewater with sludge for discharge from residential areas. Industrial wastewater treatment plant

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