Metering Pump DOSSER MSJ2 Series

DOSSER MSJ1 Series solenoid diaphragm metering pump is effective and reliable digital pump for nearly all chemical dosing. The solenoid shaft is sucked by the magnetic wire and pushed back by the spring, which makes the diaphragm in the dosing head suck and discharge. The check valves which with double balls prevent backflow when pumping.The precise dosing can be controlled both by the stroke length and stroke speed manually. The capacity range is from 1.0l/h to 15l/h at a back pressure from 15 bars to 1bar. All most any chemical with low viscosity can be dosed with MSJ2 solenoid diaphragm metering pump.It is an economical meterng pump widely used in dosing applicaitons.


Metering Pump DOSSER MSJ2 Series


Flow manually controlled by stroke rate Automatic analog input control: avaliable with 4-20 mA signal Automatic pulse input control: pulse input with multiply and divide capability RS485 comunication interface: single pump or a couple of pumps connected to and controlled by computer External remote control for start/stop: pump can be connected to level indicator for automatically start/stop the pump



Model 50/60 Hz Diaphragm Dia.(mm) Power Connection Size
Flow (lph) Pressure (Bar) Flow (gph) Pressure (Psi) SPM
DOSSER MSJ2 0110-L 1 10 0.3 145 110 34 30W 5*8mm
DOSSER MSJ2 0408-L 3.8 7.6 1 110 130
DOSSER MSJ2 0607-L 6.3 6.8 1.7 99 160 41
DOSSER MSJ2 0805-L 8 5 2.1 73 170
DOSSER MSJ2 1204-L 12 4 3.2 58 150 52
DOSSER MSJ2 1502-L 15 2 4 29 170
DOSSER MSJ2 2001-L 20 1 5.03 15 180



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