Motor Geared MITSUBISHI SF-JRGD Series


Three phase induction motor, geared motor

Model SF-JRGD 5-10HP (Steel frame)

The high performance and wide variations meet all needs

  • High performance geared motor Applicable to a wide range of industrial fields
  • Installation same as GM-D series
  • IP55 degrees of protection
  • F-Class insulation
  • Developed & mad in Thailand, Gear set by Mitsubishi Electric FA industrial Products Corp., Japan
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Motor Geared MITSUBISHI SF-JRGD Series

Motor Geared MITSUBISHI SF-JRGD Series The results of advanced technologies, High-performance geared motor, applicable to a wind to range of induction fields

Geared motor that is indispensable as driving source for FA and exhibit their performance in a wide range of industrial fields, ranging from transportation equipment to food processing equipment. Mitsubishi gear in highly appreciated for their high capabilities, low noise level and compact & durable body that appropriate to the FA age

  • High Performance Geared Motor, Applicable to a Wide Range of Industrial Fields
  • Installation same as GM-D series
  • IP55 Degrees of Protection
  • F-Class Insulation
  • Developed & Made in Thailand, Gear Set by Mitsubishi Electric FA Industrial Products Corp., Japan

Sealing : Mitsubishi motor Hydrodunamic aided rotary shaft lip seals are provided for high-frequency driving to improve sealing quality up to 100 times in comparison with before.
Compact and lightweight : High performance cooling structure of steel motor frame integrated with RGC.
(Round*bar Gear Cutting: gear cutting after heat treatment) technology and precision cutting, make the product to be compact and lightweight, suitable for install with limited space machine.
Low noise : From RGC technology and precision cutting to pinion gear(1st gear) and 2nd gear gringding, realized to low noise operation.
Ecology : Has no 6 hazardous restricted substances which defined in European RoHS directive.
Easy use : By Tapped shaft end and extremely safe terminal box (terminal base), easier sprocket fix and wiring. Developed grease seal capability by improved construction, dimension and oil seal material.

Motor Geared MITSUBISHI SF-JRGD Series


Item SF-JRGD Series
Output 5HP(3.7 kW), 7.5HP(5.5 kW), 10HP(7.5 kW)
Pole 4
Phase 3 phase
Voltage/Frequency LT: 220/380   ̴ 415V 50Hz, 220/440V 60Hz   HT: 3802   ̴ 440V 60Hz
Gear Ratio 1/3   ̴ 1/60 (7.5HP : 1/3   ̴ 1/30)
Rating S1 (continuous)
Insulution Class F (155˚ C)
Casting Construction Totally-enclosed fan-cooled
Protective Construction Output (IP55)
Mounting Foot mount
Frame Material Steel
Mounting Direction Grease lubrication type : Universal direction/ Oil lubraication type : Limited (see page 4)
Ambient Temperature 15   ̴+40˚ C (No freezing)
Ambient Humidity 90% RH or less
Elevation up to 1,00 meters above sea level
Vibration 4.9m/s² or less constantly, 9.8m/s² or  less instaneously
Lubrication 5HP (1/3   ̴ 1/30) : Grease lubrication (Pyroknock Universal#000)
5HP (1/40   ̴ 1/60), 7.5, 10HP : Oil lubraication (no filled oil from factory)
Service Factor 1.4 (reduction gear)
Conformative Standard IEC 60034-1, JEC-2137-2000
Paint Munsell N5.5 (gray)
Accessories Shaft end key (JIS B 1301-1996)


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