Plastic Submersible Pump PSP-105S

Water Pump Plastic Submersible Pump PSP-105S
High quality and high efficiency submersible pump. Upgraded from WSP-105S
a device to protect the coil from overheating. This effectively prevents the danger of overheating in the event that the impeller is locked. The pump is made of special ABS plastic material that is durable and highly impact resistant. Especially for use in conditions with high humidity or in a chemical environment, Its shape and lightweight make this pump easy to install and use.

Plastic Submersible Pump PSP-105S


  • Build-in automatic thermal protector to protect motor from burning even when impeller is being locked.
  • High-grade ABS plastic structure for high impact resistance and lighter weight.
  • Removable strainer for bath drainage dirty water and dry up water application

New design Cable Connection for more durability

New design Cable plug with safety ground pin

New design Hose Coupling 3/4″ and 1″ capable


Pumping Fluid Type of Fluid Drainage waste water and Effluent
pH 5-9
Temperature 0 ~ 40°C
Pump Sect. Structure Impeller Semi-open Type
Shaft Seal Double Mechanical Seal with Oil Chamber
Lubricant Shell Ondina Oil 32 (Medicinal white Oils)
Material Frame Cover ABS
Casing ABS
Impeller Fiber-reinforced Plastic
M.Seal Ceramic/ Carbon
Motor Sect. Motor Dry Type Submersible Induction Motor (IP68)
2P. Insulation Class E
Supply 10. 220V, 50Hz
Protector Miniature Thermal Protector
Bearing Double Shielded Ball Type
Material Frame Aluminum with special painting
Bracket Fiber-reinforced Plastic
Shaft SUS303
Cable H05-WF-3C x 0.75mm2 x 3.5m
Discharge Bore External Thread + Hose Coupling

Construction Characteristics

Equipped with separator and double mechanical seal in food grade lubricat oil for KOI friendly.

construction characters

With special Paint on inside frame, to ensure corosion resistance even apply with salted water in fish pound.

Performance Specifications

Model Motor Output Phase Supply Maximum Weight
Solid Passage
Flow Rate
kW Hp
PSP-1O5S 0.10 1/8 Single 220V, 50Hz 7.8 80 1.1 3.2 3

Characteristic Curve


with strainer 1" 25 mm 78 58 148 201 16.5 54.5 54.6 245.6
without strainer 1" 25 mm 78 58 148 187 2.5 54.5 40.6 231.6


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