Pressure Tank ZILMET ULTRA-PRO Series

Pressure Tank ZILMET ULTRA-PRO Series are expansion tanks with food grade replaceable bag membranes taht can be used in both heating and pump systems.In addition ULTRA-PRO pressure tanks are the best choice for irrigation pumps, centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps and booster pump set, Pressure Tank can be used with food industry, industrial factory, condominium etc.


Pressure Tank ZILMET ULTRA-PRO Series

ULTRA-PRO: pressure vessels with a food-grade replaceable membrane. This line is ideal for every modern installation and can be applied to any type of pump. The real volume of the pressure vessel is much greater than normal that of normal tanks of the same dimension with smaller dimensions.

A compressor is not necessary since an air cushion, separated from the water by the butyl membrane, maintains a constant pressure in the tank. These tanks can also be provided with stainless steel flanges. Available capacities are from 8 to 3000 liters (1.75 to 660 UK gallons). They are certified by the PED 2014/68/EU, WRAS, ACS.


– Pressure tank material is made of butyl membrane
– Can be used with drinking water
– Maximum pressure of 10 bars and 16 bars
– Maximum temperature 90 C°

Technical specifications

– Max. working pressure: See table P.MAX
– Operating temperature: -10/+99°C
– Factory precharge: See table P.PRECH.

Equipment suitable for potable water. There is a wide range of tanks that can satisfy various installation requirements. All membranes are certified according to the most important and principle European standards for potable water.



Model. Code. Capacity (Liter) Diameter (mm) Hight (mm) Connect Attribute
ULTRA-PRO 24H 1100002405 24 270 290 1"G HORIZONTAL
ULTRA-PRO 50V 1100005004 50 380 770 1"G VERTICAL
ULTRA-PRO 80V 1100008004 80 450 830 1"G VERTICAL
ULTRA-PRO 100V 1100010004 100 450 910 1"G VERTICAL
ULTRA-PRO 200V 1100020004 200 550 1235 1 1/2"G VERTICAL
ULTRA-PRO 300V 1100030004 300 630 1365 1 1/2"G VERTICAL
ULTRA-PRO 500V 1100050004 500 750 1560 1 1/2"G VERTICAL
ULTRA-PRO 750V 1100075004 750 750 2075 1  1/2"G VERTICAL
ULTRA-PRO 1000V 1100100004 1000 850 2100 1 1/2"G VERTICAL

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    Zilmet pressure tanks can also be used for drinking water. They are high quality and durable.

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