Regenerative Blower – Ring Blower GAST R4 series

Regenerative Blower – Ring Blower GAST R4 Series Model.R-4110,R4110N-50 High quality products imported from America. The R4 Series provides oil-free operation ensuring that the air that is emitted is not contaminated. Casing and impellers are made of aluminum alloy . Strong, durable and low maintenance Thermal over load protection protects motor windings from damage should the blower become stalled during operation. Additionally , thermal over load protection switches automatically reset when single-phase motor windings cool to a safe level of operation. Suitable for Bag Packaging Equipment, Pond Aeration, Vacuum Conveying plastic pellets rice etc.

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Regenerative Blower – Ring Blower GAST R-4110,R4110N-50


  • Rugged design, maintenance free
  • Quiet operation within OSHA standards
  • Blowers and motors rated for continuous duty
  • UL and CSA approved multi-voltage motors, incorporating approved thermal protection
  • Motors classified as Explosion Proof Division 1 and 2, for Group D explosive atmospheres
  • Motors conform to NEMA frame sizes; motor enclosures conform to IP54 (suitable for outdoor use)
  • Double sealed motor ball bearings with a B10 life exceeding 30,000 hours of continuous operation at the maximum rated continuous blower load
  • Aluminum impeller, housing, and cover; viton shaft seal
  • Pressurized and leak‑tested to less than 5 cc/minute



MODEL Motor Max vacuum Max Flow Max Pressure Voltages Fitting W x L x H
HP inH₂O cfm inH₂O V inch mm
R4110 0.6 35 75 38 220 1½″ 11.25 × 12.82 × 11.80
R4110N-50 1 35 74 95 220 1½" 12.34 × 15.34 × 11.80


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