Scum Skimmers TSURUMI FSP Series

Floating Scum Skimmers TSURUMI FSP Series is a sludge scrubber that floats above the surface. By combining with a jet sprayer Can guarantee that the suction rate is stable even if water, air and various materials The floats will be sucked from the water all the time. And can be connected to a 50 mm. Pipeline, able to effectively remove dirty sediment and liquid above the water surface.


Scum Skimmers TSURUMI FSP Series

The FSP-series is a floating scum skimmer designed for the collection of floating scum in the wastewater treatment. It consists of a submersible pump, jet-injector mechanism, and three floats. The jet-injector mechanism ensures stable suction operation even if water, air and scum are drawn simultaneously. As it is a floating type, the suction mouth can keep its relative position with the water surface, which t.prevents operation failure due to changes in the water level. The suction mouth can be adjusted to a depth between 0 to 60mm, so that the skimmer can efficiently suck scum with minimal amount of water. Adjustment of the depth can be done by turning the floats to right or left.


Discharge Bore Model Motor Output Phase Starting Method Solids Passage
(mm) (kW) (mm)
50 TSURUMI 4-FSP2 0.4 3-phase D.O.L. 16
50 TSURUMI 8-FSP3 0.75 3-phase D.O.L. 22


Model Solids Passage (mm) Dry Weight (kg) Cable Length (m)
TSURUMI 4-FSP2 16 36 6
TSURUMI 8-FSP3 22 38 6


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