What is Vacuum Pad ?

HEAD - What is Vacuum Pad ?

A vacuum pad is a type of tool used in material handling applications to lift and move objects. It consists of a flat pad or cup made of rubber, silicone, or other materials that creates a seal with the surface of the object being lifted. The pad is attached to a vacuum system that creates a suction force, which holds the object securely to the pad.

Vacuum pads are commonly used in industrial and manufacturing settings to move items such as sheets of metal or glass, electronic components, and even food products. They can be mounted on robotic arms, lifters, or other equipment to provide a safe and efficient way to handle heavy or delicate items.

Some vacuum pads are designed to be adjustable, allowing them to conform to curved or uneven surfaces. Others are made with specialized materials or coatings to provide additional grip or prevent damage to the object being lifted. Overall, vacuum pads are an important tool for many industries and applications where safe and precise material handling is required.

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