Electric Chain Hoist ELEPHANT ALPHA Series

Electric Chain Hoist ELEPHANT Alpha Series high quality products imported from Japan (Made in Japan) electric hoist Elephant Alpha Series has both 3 phase power and power first phase, all 12 models include the H-01, H-025, H-05, HV-01, HV-025, HV-05, HB-01, HB-025, HB-05, C-015, C-025 and the C-05.


Electric Chain Hoist ELEPHANT ALPHA Series


1. Compact shape And lightweight With lightweight aluminum materials such as 15 kilograms for lifting models, 200 kilograms and 16.5 kilograms for lifting models of 250 kilograms. The Alpha Type pulleys are also low head type, which can be used in all areas.
2. High security brake system There are 2 braking systems which are mechanical brake and power brake in heavy duty models. Therefore guaranteeing safety in use Even if it’s a small task.
3. Quiet work With the Aluminum Die Cast uniform that produces minimal noise while working, Alpha Type hoists can be used even in hospitals, schools or places that do not require noise.
4. White Load Chain Chain The Alpha Type chain hoist is a special type of White Load Chain chain with a maximum tensile strength of 900 Mpa. It is strong at the CT system and is supported by DIN 5684 (German standard), JIS (Japanese standard. ) And various international standards around the world.
5. Maximum safety while working with the lock-out tongue at the hook Even if the hook is overweight, heavy use, or contact with heat does not change. Also installed Bearing on the hook for convenient operation in all directions.
6. Can increase the chain length..



Model  Phase  Lifting Lift Distance Chain Size Lifting speed Hoist motor minimum distance H
(T.) (M.) (MM.xPitch) (M./Min) (Kw.) (MM.)
ELEPHANT H-01 1-Phase 0.1 3 4.3×12 (1) 13 0.3-220V 315
ELEPHANT H-025 0.25 3 4.3×12 (1) 10 0.6-220V 315
ELEPHANT H-05 0.5 3 4.3×12 (2) 5 0.6-220V 395
ELEPHANT HV-01 0.1 3 4.3×12 (1) Apr-13 0.3-220V 315
ELEPHANT HV-025 0.25 3 4.3×12 (1) 04-Oct 0.6-220V 315
ELEPHANT HV-05 0.5 3 4.3×12 (2) 0.5-5 0.6-220V 395
ELEPHANT HB-01 0.1 3 4.3×12 (1) Apr-13 0.3-220V 315
ELEPHANT HB-025 0.25 3 4.3×12 (1) 04-Oct 0.6-220V 315
ELEPHANT HB-05 0.5 3 4.3×12 (2) 02-May 0.6-220V 395
ELEPHANT C-015 3-Phase 0.15 3 4.3×12 (1) 9 0.55-380V 315
ELEPHANT C-025 0.25 3 4.3×12 (1) 9 0.55-380V 315
ELEPHANT C-05 0.5 3 4.3×12 (2) 4.5 0.55-380V 395


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