Lever Hoist REX MG Series

Lever Hoist REX MG Series REX MG Series Hoist Hand (REX Lever Hoist) products imported from Japan (Made in Japan) are available in various models from MG-025, MG-08, MG-15, MG-30 and Model MG-60 capacity. starting from 0.25 ton lifting capacity and a maximum lift 6 tons.


Lever Hoist REX MG Series


  • High quality corrosion resistant steel chain.
  • New type of safety latch Add a groove on the safety latch to make the lock and hook fit tightly. Prevent more
  • loose And increase the security level.
  • New lever shape By designing a lever shape Is a curved type that rotates Increasing the flexibility of working
  • in a limited space makes it easy to rotate, not like other brands.
  • New type brake system REX MG Series hand chain hoists devalopment the brake system by using the
  • mechanical brake principle in the heavy-duty electric chain hoist. For maximum safety.
  • Easy to adjust the pivot point Just a slight adjustment Easy to adjust Convenient to use.



Model Capacity Standard Lift Load chain Pulling Efforts Min Distance Between hooks Net weight
(T.) (M.) (MM.xPitch) (Kgf.) (MM.) (Kg.)
REX MG-025 0.25 1.2 4.0×12 (1) 29 245 2
REX MG-08 0.5 1.5 6.3×19.1 (1) 29 280 8
REX MG-15 1.5 1.5 7.1×21 (1) 29 330 11
REX MG-30 3 1.5 10.0×28 (1) 35 450 17
REX MG-60 6 1.5 10.0×28 (2) 35 550 26
REX MG-90 9 1.5 10.0×28(3) 35 690 48



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