Three Lobe Rotary Blower LONGTECH LT Series

Longtech LT Series Roots Type Rotary Air Blower, Three Lobes type, driven by motor through pulley and belt. Both the blower and motor are mounted on the same platform. Suction Silencer reduces operating noise to no more than 90 dB. In 1 meter distance, suitable for use as an aerator in large sewage systems such as shopping malls, hospitals, apartments and industrial factories. Longtech is available.

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Three Lobe Rotary Blower LONGTECH LT Series

The three lobe blower is less down pressure variation, vibration and noise, air flow is stable than Two-Lobe Blower. Also,save more power energy lost.


– Strict management of quality standards.
– Technical customization (size, pressure, design, pump accessories).
– Assembled using state-of-the-art CNC machinery enabling precise measurements and grinding needed for more efficient pumping.
– Fewer vibrations transmitted through the lobe, for longer-lasting shafts, gears and bearings.
– Three lobe design controls any backflow pressure towards rotor.
– Oil and dust-free outlet.
– Lubricated with high grade oil, proven to be a much better alternative to grease.
– Significant improvement in air performance ratios: wider air, pressure and vacuum range, more stable flow, fewer pressure variations.
– Much quieter: our new design can effectively reduce noise by approximately 5 dB.
– Lower energy consumption.
– All our products can be used for OEM.


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