Submersible Aerator Pump TSURUMI TAR Series

Submersible Aerator Pump TSURUMI TAR Series as air and water channels in a rotor Axial Flow Air Blower will provide air, the air is broken down into smaller bubbles. And combines with the water flow with high pressure oxygen can pass. In the high-low power consumption. The connection to the air hose sizes from 65-250 mm.


Submersible Aerator Pump TSURUMI TAR Series

Submersible Aerator Pump TSURUMI TAR Series designed for aeration in wastewater treatment. It incorporates an axial flow impeller and is to operate in combination with an air blower. The impeller produces a large amount of downward water current by which the air, supplied by the blower, is diffused from the unit in fine bubbles. Since the aerator diffuses the mixture of air and water from the bottom outlet located deep in water, extremely high oxygen transfer efficiency can be obtained. Also as the aerator produces strong water current, it can perform the mixing to an extended area. The TAR series can be used for both aerobic treatment and anaerobic mixing simply by operating or halting the operation of the blower.



Air-inlet Bore Model Motor Output Phase
(mm) (kW)
65 TSURUMI  65TAR41.5 1.5 3 phase
65 TSURUMI  65TAR42.2 2.2 3 phase
80 TSURUMI  80TAR43.7 3.7 3 phase
100 TSURUMI  100TAR45.5 5.5 3 phase
125 TSURUMI  125TAR47.5 7.5 3 phase
150 TSURUMI  150TAR411 11 3 phase
150 TSURUMI  150TAR415 15 3 phase
200 TSURUMI  200TAR422 22 3 phase
250 TSURUMI  250TAR430 30 3 phase


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